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SKYLOHAS Washing Ball/Korea

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SKYLOHAS Washing Ball


Eco Washing Tablet
makes general laundry possible as lohas eco assistant detergent only by washing ball, but one

Eco Washing Tablet makes more synergy effect, when you use it for washing old set stains



  • Patent Registration: TUV NO. B28 03 65904001
  • Utility Model Registration: No. 0359994. Ceramic ball case for water activity
  • Design Registration: No. 2004-5078715 Ceramic ball case for water activity
  • Trademark Registration: No. 2004-5057925-01, No. 2004-5078714-01, No. 2003-5229398-38,
  • No. 2003-5229399-84


  1. Magic laundry balls that consists of 4 main natural ceramic component with a round balll-shaped ball
  2. are designed to be laundered without detergent scientifically.
  3. Magic laundry balls replace main functions of a typical chemical detergent.
  4. As test results by an authorized agency in Korea, it has been recognized for excellence in washing   capability, whitening capability and sterilization capability.
  5. When compared with the general laundry, it has detergent-saving, water-saving, electricity saving, time-saving economic effects.
  6. This product is a world-class patented invention with natural health function and it is an eco-friendly and scientific product

Environmental Protection / Skin Health Protection/ Fabric Protection / Tax Reduction / Water Saving /  

Electricity Saving / Time Saving



  1. It can be used more than 3 years by general and drum-type washing machines based on once a day. 
    You can have 90% detergent saving!
  2. Magic Laundry Ball contains special ceramic balls. 
    These ceramic balls help to wash very strongly by changing the properties of water.
  3. If you use the Magic Laundry Ball, only 10% of the general detergents are needed. 
    Synthetic detergents are harmful and cause skin diseases, and may cause cancer if worsening. If you want to reduce atopic dermatitis from synthetic detergents, this Magic Laundry Ball is the perfect answer. It is a safe product to give no harm to customers.


  • The first ball contains infrared radiation ball which changes the properties of water. This ceramic ball emits infrared rays.
  • This powerful infrared ray breaks up water molecules into small pieces so helps launder effectively.
  • The second ball is antibacterial ball, and it eliminates molds, pathogens and other various kinds of germs.
  • The third ball has a bleaching effect.


  • Composition: Eco-friendly Laundry Ball,
  • Material: Magic Ball, Ceramic Ball, Anti-bacterial Ball, etc.
  • Size: 200 (W) x 100 (D) x 118 (H) mm
  • Weight: 490g (1 SET with 2 pieces)
  • Color: Green / Blue

Eco Washing Tablet for only laundry with heavy or ingrain dirt is an assistant detergent of  

SKYLOHAS Washing Ball, and we do recommend to use SKYLOHAS Washing Ball with

Eco Washing Tablet.

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