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Eco Washing Tablet

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Eco Washing Tablet


  • Korea's first tablet type of enzymatic detergent for easy use
  • High-performance detergents to promptly remove stubborn dirt stained in fibers
  • Cutting-edge eco-friendly detergents to protect skin and water quality
  • Customer satisfaction-type detergents to resolve problems of basic cleaners

No additives with fluorescent whitening agent that may cause skin irritation, no additives with  

surfactants that may cause water pollution and no additives with foaming ingredients


  1. Ease of use and management in a small and highly enriched concentration
  2. It removes the stubborn stains to relieve the discomfort of hand wash
  3. It doesn't use the chemical composition, so prevents discoloration and damage of the fibers
  4. It resolves skin troubles by remaining detergents because of eco-friendly ingredients and high-degradability.
  5. The number of rinsing reduces to 1-2 times.


  • Just place 1 tablet on the laundry or insert 1 tablet into the detergent slot like a conventional detergent.
  • Use 1 tablet based on medium level of 10kg washing machine.


  • Insert 1 tablet in a bathtub or a basin and make it mixed and melted well and then take water.
  • It doesn’t matter to put the laundry first or later.
  • Have certain time to get the tablet melted completely and after being melted completely,
  • rub contaminated surfaces lightly and launder the rest by shaking or pressing it in the water.


  • Application: to used for remove stubborn dirt only
  • Ingredients: highly functional activator protein (stain) catabolic enzyme, sodium carbonate 
  • (oxygen bleach). Builder (maintenance of dosage form), alkaline aid (enhancement of washing capability)
  • Shape: Tablet type
  • Weight: 3g / EA
  • Packing Unit: 100EA / PE
  • Standard Usage; 1 tablet (3g) in medium level of water of general laundry

Eco Washing Tablet for only laundry with heavy or ingrain dirt is an assistant detergent of  

SKYLOHAS Washing Ball, and we do recommend to use SKYLOHAS Washing Ball with

 Eco Washing Table